In my role at AstraZeneca, I lead our Discovery 团队 and am focused on Immuno-Oncology and antibody drug conjugates – from novel target identification and validation to clinical candidate selection. This includes preclinical predictive models to identify patients who have a higher likelihood of benefitting from immuno-oncology treatments, giving us the best chance of finding the most efficient routes to effective medicines.

A large piece of our research in immuno-oncology is on the possibility of living drugs – oncolytic viruses and cell therapies – to amplify the body’s own ability to recognize and attack tumors, destroying the cancer cells and, potentially, achieving cure.

I am a clinical immunologist and physician-scientist, and in my training, specialized in managing patients with immunodeficiency. My research has focused on translational immunology, which includes cancer immunology and immunotherapy. My early work related to human viral immunity and restoring anti-viral immune responses through cellular immunotherapy. Through my research, I developed a strong interest in tumor neoantigens – believed to play a dominant role in the immune system’s response to cancer – and have contributed toward the discovery of a novel class of tumor antigens.

I also serve as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

I have authored nearly 50 peer-reviewed papers, co-founded six biotechnology companies, and have generated 20 patents. I lecture extensively on cancer immunology and immunotherapy at conferences and seminars, and am a member of several scientific and medical societies including the Broad Institute, American Association for Cancer Research, American Association for Hematology and the British Society for Immunology, and serve on the UK Academy of Medical Sciences Mentoring committee.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in immunology and medical degree from the University of Edinburgh, I earned a doctorate from the University of Birmingham (UK) in Immunology/Immunotherapy, and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Birmingham and the University of Virginia.


We’re entering the next frontier of Immuno-Oncology, and I am particularly excited 关于 our innovative work in oncolytic viruses. We now have the technology to turn pathogens into something that can potentially eradicate tumors and deliver cures by empowering the body’s immune system to target and launch it’s own attack against cancer cells. I am proud to apply my background and passion for translational cancer immunology and immunotherapy into new, potentially transformative medicines for people with cancer.

Mark Cobbold Vice President, Discovery, Oncology R&D



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